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Charitable Works

The Priory of the Holy Grail, and the SMOTJ support many charitable organizations across the nation and around the world through direct donations and annual contributions to its Jerusalem Mite campaign.

Donations to the Jerusalem Mite support and maintain the following Holy Land Sites, Hospitals, and Schools:

  • The Franciscans in the Holy Land
  • The Anglicans in the Holy land supporting The American Friends of the Episcopal Diocese of Jerusalem and the The Arab Evangelical Episcopal School
  • The Augusta Victoria Hospital, operated by the Lutheran Diocese of Jerusalem
  • ELCJ Lutheran Diocese
  • The Armenian Patriarchate to maintain many of the Old Quarter sites
  • The Greek Orthodox Patriarchate
  • The Latin Patriarch
  • The Russian Orthodox School of Bethany
  • Daughters of Charity in Bethlehem
  • The Russian Archimandrite
  • ROCOR with Sr. Martha

Donations to The Raymond Davis Foundation support many students in the Holy Land with Scholarships including:

  • Anglican, Franciscan, Lutheran, and Russian Orthodox Students
  • Nursing Scholarships including the "Marcie Pollmann Nursing Scholarship"

Donations to SMOTJ support many world wide efforts including:

  • Cannon White's FFRME in Iraq
  • Global Connections for St. Andrew Africa School for a School in Kenya

In addition, The Priory of the Holy Grail and its members have provided donations and support to these local and international charitable institutions:

  • Feed My Starving Children
  • Minnesota Military Family Foundation
  • Union Gospel Mission
  • The HealthEast Foundation
  • Little Sisters of the Poor
  • Thanksgiving Meals on Wheels
  • The United Way of Minnesota
  • The Marcy Pollmann Nursing Scholarship Fund

The Priory of the Holy Grail sponsors nursing students in the Holy Land through our Marcy Pollmann  Nursing Scholarship Fund, in honor of our departed Dame.  We believe that placing medical providers  in communities where conflict is so severe is a great way to propose the love and mercy which God desires. Through this scholarship programs we are helping to create strong Christian members of the near Eastern community, a place where evil always seems to winning, who can stand with strength of love and mercy over hatred and violence.

SMOTJ also actively supports the Fisher Houses assistance to families of wounded combat veterans. Members have provided hours of labor to Habitat for Humanity projects across the country, and support international relief efforts through donations and personal involvement of its medical professionals in projects for Doctors Without Borders.

Significant donations have been provided to Hurricanes Katrina and Rita relief efforts by the Salvation Army and the Red Cross. And, many members have offered space in their homes to those left homeless by these disasters.

If you wish to contribute to our support of Holy Land Sites, Hospitals, Schools, or any of our other charitable endeavors, please Contact Us.