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  • Membership Information

    Membership in the Order is by invitation only, and requires that the candidate be a Christian of any denomination. The principal focuses in selecting members are good character, life accomplishments, and a commitment to the ideals of the Order.   Involvement in other charitable, military, religious and hereditary organizations provide a means of assessing a candidate's eligibility, as does professional and social accomplishments.  The Order selects only those men and women who deport themselves in an honorable and chivalrous manner, who will be committed to the Order’s values and precepts, and who are Ecumenical in thought.

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    If you are interested in joining our good works and would like more information regarding the membership process, please contact us.



  •   What Is Involved In Joining?

    ✠  Membership is open to all Christian men and women who are 21 years of age or older,  and
        embrace chivalric values and noble ideals.

    ✠  Members of other faiths may be admitted through The Order of Merit.

      A petitioner must prepare the required application forms and have them endorsed by two
        members of the priory.  A Curriculum Vitae and genealogical history are also required.

      If accepted by the Prior, the postulate (applicant) is inducted into the order at our
        Fall Convent and Investiture.

      All members are expected to participate in at least two activities per year and take an active  
        part in the priory. Elevations (promotions) result from effort and performance.

    ✠  Investiture fees pay for the mantle (robe) of the order, insignia, certificate, and balance of the
        year's oblations.   

      Annual oblations (dues) are required of all SMOTJ members.


      What SMOTJ Is Not

      It is not an organization of social status or prestige, but one of values.

    ✠  The Order is not part of the Freemasons nor affiliated with any other fraternal organization.

      The Order does not engage in politics or allow members to act contrary to their obligations to
         their country. 

    ✠  The Order does not restrict membership to any single Christian church. 

      The Order is not a “secret society”. It has no secrets and no rituals other than the ceremony of
         Investiture, which is always open to the public.


      What Activities Are There?

    ✠  A Fall Convent and Investiture of Knights and Dames. This concludes with a gala reception
        and banquet.

    ✠  A possible Lenten or Spring Convent taking place in April or May.
      A weekend retreat, benefit event, and seasonal get togethers.

      A yearly business meeting to determine the annual focus and efforts of the Priory.


      Objectives Of The Modern Order:

      To seek God in our lives and to promote love and respect in our community.

      To increase understanding between religions, to help pilgrims visit holy places and to maintain
         a Christian presence in the Holy Land.

      To support the poor, sick, and unjustly accused; to stand against oppression and to protect
        freedom of speech.

      To encourage the noble ideals of Chivalry. To maintain the monuments, archives and history of
         the Knights Templar.

      To witness our faith in the ecumenicity of our religious services.

    ✠  To protect and preserve the Holy Places through our tithe and journey to them, if possible,
         bearing witness to their significance.